Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#23 Is this really the end? Or just the beginning ...

Congratulations to all that finished and to myself…. I definitely found this program to be an enhancing program to help those who weren’t aware of many things like Podcast, Wikis, Technorati etc. I found out some pretty interesting thing while being a participant in this program. I found the Image Generator assignment to be fun and also the Flickr assignment. I feel that this assignment did affect me which in one of my of lifelong learning goals which was G-O-A-L-S as I wrote in the very first assignment that I don’t like setting goals because it’s hard for me to try and accomplish it, which I am very proud of my self for finishing this before the deadline. I actually set a goal and said to myself that I am going to finish this assignment only because I started it and I usually don’t like starting something I can’t finish. I did find the assignment to be little time consuming but overall it was pretty much fun at times. If this program was offered again I might like into doing it again, only because it’s wasn’t that bad.

#22 Audiobooks (or "The end is in sight ")

I like the idea of eAudiobooks I feel that it’s good for not only seeing people but people who are blind. It comes in handy for people with that disability there able to download it on there MP3 players or Ipods and listen to it which I find to be and excellent source. There are different topics to choose from and you can borrow them for 7 days, by visiting the queenslibrary.org and click on the digital media link. The next time I check out a book I will do it thru digital media found on the queenslibrary.org site.

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

Yes!!! I am almost to the end, Assignment # 21 Podcast, this is a great site to listen to all types of podcasts with a variety of different topics. There were many sites for music, book clubs and different Cultures. I found a podcast that interested me which was called “HipHop Village” where you can here all types of Hip Hop and R&B. I such a music fanatic I especially like listen to Hip Hop and R&B. This website is enormous and it will take some time and effort to listen to all your favorite podcasts. I found numerous amounts of podcasts relating to Music in general from all types of music HipHop to Pop. I added this podcast to my bloglines account and I am definitely going to look for more when I get the chance. In general the site is real interesting and very easy to navigate through.

#20 I Tube, YouTube

Yes Were Dangerously In Love with YouTube. This is an YouTube video of my all time favorite artist Miss Beyonce Knowles performing Live in concert Dangerously in Love, my all time favorite song. I though this was an easy assignment to do I finished it pretty fast. I find YouTube to be a great site. The only thing I dislike is when people put up distorted videos that a part annoys me, but for the most part I Love YouTube.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

For Assignment # 19 the Web 2.0 awards for best videos goes to YouTube . Yes I choose to do this assignment on You Tube seeing how I very familiar with the site. You Tube came in 1st as to being number one for the web’s most popular video sharing application lets users upload their own videos, embed videos on their own sites and search others’ content. I like the fact that You Tube has videos/ TV shows available for users to see when they missed an episode of there favorite show. It’s also great for students to put up there work especially if there majoring in theater then there able to put there work out there for the world to see. You find all types of thing on You Tube which can be good and bad; but mostly good. You Tube could be good for Libraries because it has the latest on everything like popular music/shows and it comes in handy for libraries to find out what hot and what’s not for our customers.

#18 Let's Collaborate and Have a Good Time

Wow I finally reached to Assignment #18:-)I decide to go with Google Docs because I already had an account. Well for starts I like the idea of having a web-based application where you would be able to use application like Word processing, Spreadsheets, or even make presentation. I found that to be really interesting I even decide to use Google Docs to do this assignment. I also like that fact that it’s free where you have people who don’t have Microsoft Office at home, it’s also good for students who have Reports to do and don’t have access to Microsoft Office at home. They even have a little Spreadsheet application where you can be able to make data entries. I played around with making my own little presentation; I had a lot of fun with that since I am very familiar with using PowerPoint application. I was able to save my assignments. I think this is a great idea for people who unfortunately can’t afford to buy Microsoft Office.

#17 1/2 Explore Facebook and Social Networking

The application that I found to be of interest to me and I know it would be of interest to our library customers was Books iRead . It really summed up a great excerpt of what iRead really is. What I found to be so great about it was that iRead lets you share a virtual bookshelf of titles you are currently reading, those you want to read, those you have read in the past, and books you won’t read. I also found the My Wikipedia to be good for our customers who are students cause it’s world’s largest encyclopedia, with this application you can display historical events or the latest news stories.